I Cherish You

I was having coffee with a friend today, and one of the young ladies who works there (who was off the clock) asked if she could sit and eat at our table so she could ask us about setting up a web site. When another waitress stopped by the table to do coffee refills, the one having breakfast said to her, “I cherish you.” 

I cherish you. © Verapol Chaiyapin | Dreamstime.com

Of course, we gave her a hard time about it, because it is not something men would say to each other. She pointed out the word cherish has a powerful impact on women, and suggested we should use it with our wives. She is almost certainly right about, but honestly, doing it feels a bit silly.

The bigger issue here is women usually have far more emotion connected to words than men do. This is true both for positive words like “cherish” and negative words like “stupid”.

I suggest spending some time praying about what words you should add to your vocabulary with you wife, and what words you should ditch. I would also suggest listening to the words your wife uses, and if possible listen to the words women use when talking to each other. Apply what you learn.


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Image Credit: © Verapol Chaiyapin | Dreamstime.com

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