What Do Our Possessions Say About Us?

What do the things we own say about us? Better yet, what do we think the things we own say about us to others?

Does what we have make us feel successful? If we have “a lot” do we think this is a sign God is favouring us? Does how much we own show we are better than those who own less, but not as good as those who own more?

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While we all know on some level these things are not true, most of us also feel them on some level. It’s how the world “keeps score” and we are swayed by it. The real danger comes from what we fail to do if we try to be a success by the world’s standards. Grabbing all things is always done at the expense of spouse and children. It also results in short changing God and what He has called us to.

One thing our possessions say about us is where our heart lies. I’m not saying it is wrong to have things, or wrong to have nice things, or even wrong to have many things. The issue is what, and who, our things cost us. If this is not a discussion you and your wife have had recently, I suggest it would be a very good discussion to have.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” [Lk 12:34 ESV]

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