That Should be Enough

My mother was very big on “enough and no more”. Once when I was resetting her sprinkler controller due to heat and drought, she complained about using more water, saying, “That should be more than enough water for the grass.” I really had to bite my tongue to avoid suggesting she could cut water use by lecturing the grass on using “too much” water. 

Enough water © Witthaya Phonsawat |

While we laugh at that, it’s all too common for people to decide what is “enough” for other people. Having set an arbitrary level, those folks then try to enforce it by refusing to give any more than they think is enough. Many husbands have been on the wrong end of this sexually and know how it feels. However, it’s not just women who are guilty of this, and it’s not just done with sex.

In some cases, including sex, the too low-level for “enough” is based on gender differences. Other causes of bad limits are we are all different, and what we need differs accordingly. Another factor is a person who is denying or limiting his or her own needs. Self-denial usually causes people to deny others both in what they are denying themselves and other things.

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Image Credit: © Witthaya Phonsawat |

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