Generous Wife Day

Last month I mentioned I am creating “Generous Wife Day” as a chance for each of us to celebrate our wife’s generosity. The first annual Generous Wife Day is Monday, June 10th.

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Even if you can only think of a few examples of generosity on the part of your wife, take the opportunity to thank her. Write something, and include a few examples of her generosity that have really blessed you.

Bonus points for doing this in a way that others are aware of it.

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3 Comments on “Generous Wife Day

  1. I posted this on FB this morning in honor of my WW:
    1.24.13 To Nelda
    When I first saw you, You cupped your hands around my heart.
    You’re in my head.
    You’re in my heart.
    You’re my best friend.
    This morning I am bubbling over with gratefulness for YOU!
    For who you are.
    For who you are for me.
    To God for putting us together.
    To you for all the incredible ways you take care of me.
    I’m thankful for your constant dedication and steadfastness to our Lord.
    Your presence in my life presses me to be better than I am.
    Your encouraging words bless me. Your hugs and kisses still thrill me. The ways by which you show Love to your family enriches our lives. The awesome way you maintain our home gives us stability and safety.
    You bring JOY to my day.
    Every day.

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