Comfort Zones

Recently, Kim of Too Darn Happy wrote The importance of stretching your comfort zone. I completely agree with Kim when she said “To get the most out of life, you need to live with intention” and “Stretching your boundaries is part of that.” However…

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We must be aware of our spouse. In most marriages, one spouse has a larger comfort zone than the other. My comfort zone is significantly larger than that of my bride; so much so my suggesting I want to stretch my comfort zone could result in her retreating to a closet and barring the door!

I have learned to consider her, which sometimes means holding back or moving slowly. I don’t hold back because she will have a fit or “punish me”, rather I choose to do this out of love. On the other hand, she has often thanked me (later) for helping her stretch her comfort zone, and continuing to do that for her is also a loving act.

If you have the smaller comfort zone, understand limiting your wife too much can lead to resentment, and realise letting her help you stretch a bit can be good for both of you and for your marriage. 

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