The Problem With Fathers

If the title got you upset, you can relax. If you thought, “this is going to be good” you might want to prepare to be upset!

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The problem with fathers is they are under attack by a sick, perverted society that wouldn’t know right and good if you pointed to it with a flashing sign. All the “Are Fathers Necessary?” articles seen this time of year are an insult, and a subtle attack even if the article concludes fathers might offer some benefit. How would people react to an article titles such as “Are Women Stupid” or “Are [some ethnic group] Destroying our Society? We would all see the gross sexism and racism behind those titles; why are we not equally upset about titles intended to make fathers seem unimportant? Frankly, I think asking the question should dissatisfy the asker from being taken seriously.

Fathers, don’t let society cause you to question your value – you’re exceptionally important to the mental health and well-being of your children – regardless of their age. Your job would be hard enough if society were sane. Stick with it, go against the flow, and help your kids grow up to be awesome.

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Image Credit: © arztsamui |

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“Shame will never motivate someone to change. God doesn’t speak down to us. He always calls us higher.” – Casey Doss @theramp

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