The Role He Called You to Play

As I said yesterday, Fake it Till You Make it does work. Because it works, we need to be sure the role we “fake” is a good one. My suggestion is to aim for the man/husband/father God wants you to be.

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I have been thinking about this a good deal since I read Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story a couple of weeks ago. As Miller helped edit his autobiography into a movie, he learned about telling a story that makes for a good movie. During the process he started to see his own story/life was not what he wanted it to be, and thus began the process of editing his life story. I enjoyed Miller’s approach to living a better story; he’s a follower of Jesus, but he’s not overly spiritual and he’s quick to admit his own faults and selfish tendencies.

If you want to live a better story, the first step is identifying the story you want to live. What is God calling you to? What has He put on your heart? What would you do if you were not limited in the ways you are currently limited (or think you are limited)? Forget about what seems possible; first find what feels right.

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2 Comments on “The Role He Called You to Play

  1. This is a
    life game changing strategy. We often talk ourselves out of doing and acting,
    when deep down it is the right move to make in our game. Sure time always plays
    a part, usually limiting and holding us down or back. Taking on something that
    challenges us always limits us as we shy and cower and tell ourselves we are
    not capable or available or able to move forward.
    This is particularly
    true with God’s direction also and foremost. Even Moses questioned his ability
    when God chose him and doubted. But we can never loose site of the fact if God
    is calling us to change our path our crooked way will be made straight. That
    doesn’t mean there won’t be things in or on the path that could attempt to halt
    or slow our progress but when we are on our right path those things that seem
    huge and immoveable are not.
    All things
    are possible when we are walking on the correct and chosen, and that is
    something we wrestle with regardless of which path we choose in our game of
    life.Indecision and doubt can freeze us
    and many times makes us miss where we are really supposed to be, trust and play
    Thanks for this post and encouragement to play on and through

    • bls4teams Brian – well said all the way around. Fear keeps us from doing so much! 
      Walking God’s path does not seem “safe” to our human minds, but it is always a better choice. Knowing that is good, actually doing it can be a real struggle at times!

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