Limits Both Real and False

In the second post in this series, I asked, “What would you do if you were not limited in the ways you are currently limited (or think you are limited)?”

The part I put in bold is critical. I find I have often believed limits that were more about what was in my head than about reality. I see most the folks I know doing the same thing from time to time. If you want to live a better story, you have to challenge your limits! See false limits for what they are, and eliminate them from your mind.

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I think false limits are often an attempt to protect ourselves. Living a better story entails risk. Sometimes things will not go as we want, which can hurt. False limits can also be about keeping us from trying thing we fear others will find weird.

In addition to false limits, there are limit chains. For example, “I want to be a missionary in ________ but I can’t because I don’t speak the language, and I can’t learn the language because the only local course is offered when I am working.” The reality is you can learn a language on-line, or look for a job that would leave you free for the language classes. Some limit chains are many links long, with one false link. Find the false link, and it all becomes possible.

We do need to know our limits, but we must know our true limits. There are limits we respect because not doing so would hurt someone close or result in us failing to uphold an obligation. Such limits are not false, but they may not be permanent.

Bottom Line: Living a better story requires us to stretch ourselves, stretch our relationships, and embrace thinking and living outside the box.


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