Pain & Suffering: Dealing with it, or Making it into an Altar

Do you know anyone who’s made some bad event from their past into an altar? They worship it by letting it rules their lives, and they expect others to make sacrifices at that same altar. Those who don’t show proper respect for the altar of their pain are horrible people to be avoided.

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Aside from those who do this in a big way, most of us do it in some small ways. We excuse or justify it as a better way to do things, or wanting others to be respectful, or something else, but the reality is we are asking expecting others to do something a certain way because of our past.

And yes, it your wife might be guilty of this. I’m all about avoiding hurting others and I’ve suggested that should be willing to do things her way to make her life easier. However, we’re expected to become mature, which means getting past our past. Worshipping at her alter of pain is not helping either of you.

The goal is to become so free of our past it no longer has any power over us. This also means our past no longer has any negative impact on those close to us.

Are you ready to grow up and really set down the effects of your past?


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