Purpose and Direction

We have a need to feel we’re doing something of importance with our lives – a sense of purpose. We also want direction, a goal towards which we can work. While men tend to be more vocal and more driven in this, women feel the same needs.

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This is often a difficult and painful issue for women with small children – especially if they have had small children for many years. As important as raising children and caring for a home are, they don’t seem glamorous or earth shattering. Society as a whole looks down on women who choose to stay home, and to a lesser extent on those who work only part-time rather than putting their children in full-time care. Additionally, childcare and housekeeping are never-ending jobs, doing the same thing repeatedly, often with no sense of accomplishment.

How would you feel stuck in such a life?

To some degree this is a season of life, and necessary if one wants to raise their children as well as possible. It’s a sacrifice, and your wife would probably appreciate it a great deal if you understood this and thanked her for it on occasion. If she is stuck in the all-kids-all-the-time phase of life, try to help her by talking about the future. Ask her what she wants to do when the kids are older; when she can leave them unsupervised for more than a couple of minutes. Get her to talk about her hopes and dreams, and brainstorm ways she can start on those now.

You can also be understanding when she has had a particularly difficult day. Just as a rough day at work negativity colours your thinking about your job, a rough day with the kids colours her view of being a mother. What she says in those times of frustration is like what you say in times of frustration, so take it with a grain of salt. Rather than trying to help her solve problems (and risking insulting her by suggesting things she has tried or is doing), commiserate with her and remind her it’s a season of life.

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Image Credit: © David Castillo Dominici | freedigitalphotos.net

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