The Feel Good Sutff

The last items on my list of things we all want are peace, security, a lack of fear, and a reasonable level of comfort.

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Which of these is most critical varies from person to person. Women tend to be more concerned with security than men are, while men are more likely to complain about a lack of peace.

As with all these the things I’ve been discussing, your first job is to understand how important each is to your wife. Next, find out if she feels she has these things. Again, this is subjective, and telling her she is wrong will not help. If you think she is irrational or unfair, try to understand why she feels as she does. Often not feeling these things when they do exist goes back to childhood.

Discuss these things with your bride. Ask her which is most important, and which is least important. Ask her if she feels she has each, and where she needs more. Then ask her for ideas on how you can help her to feel she had these things.

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