If I Could Time Travel…

Ever think about what you would try to teach your younger self if you got a change to do a bit of time travel? Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s what happens to a Sci-Fi fan after age fifty.

Time Machine © Salvatore Vuono | freedigitalphotos.net

I don’t think I would try to help myself avoid specific problems or errors; those things made me who I am, and I’m generally happy with who I am. I would work more on thought processes I’ve changed over the years, trying to get those things to change sooner in my life.

For example – I would try to teach my younger self to better discern what matters and what does not matter. Much of what seemed so important to me when I was young turns out to be unimportant.

The short list of what I would try to tell myself:

  • People are important, things are not.
  • Love is our number one job, duty, and act of worship.
  • Unmerited grace and forgiveness are exceptionally powerful, able to change minds and heal hearts.
  • Hasty words are often regretted; words spoken after thought and prayer are rarely a problem.
  • It is better to be wronged by another than to wrong another.
  • Learn to die to your preferences.
  • Until you deal with your past, it controls you.

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One Comment on “If I Could Time Travel…

  1. I’ve often thought about wanting to go back and change things, but then i wonder about the so-called “ripple effect”, and what could go wrong. For example, my Dad left before I was born, and most of the male role models in my family are idiots. If all that were made better, would I have wound up in a homeless shelter in 2001, and met the woman I still love so desperately?
    On the other hand, I’d want to tell my younger self some things, about those events and others…
    1) “Don’t let people abuse you, and give up any more. Start fighting back, because you’re not a loser. God doesn’t make trash.”
    2) “When you realize you truly love someone, face your fears and tell them…before its too late.”
    3) “God is not a prude, nor does He want to destroy you. He knows about your desires, and He can take your anger. Don’t be afraid to trust Him with both.”
    4) “People who condemn you for wanting a woman are not listening to God. Wanting sex and closeness is not a sin. Hiding behind porn will only make everything worse.”
    5) “The abuse you suffered at age five is not your fault. You didn’t know any better, and he was the real sinner. It’s not easy, but you need to forgive yourself…and God will help you.”

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