White Noise for Peace and Privacy

Noise is a problem for many, and it’s getting worse. Unless you live well outside the city, and have a long road to your home, you probably get more human generated noise than you would like. Noise can distract, cause stress, and generally interferer with life. Noise can also be a problem for sex, either because outside noise distracts, or the fear of “being heard”. Both of these are more commonly a problem for women, so don’t assume it’s not an issue just because it’s not an issue for you.

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Music or a fan can help, but a better solution is white noise – random sound that block other sounds. You can buy a white noise machine, or get almost the same thing with a SimplyNoise a web site that has a white noise generator complete with a sleep timer to turn it off. You can also get phone apps, some free, some $1. Even if you drop a few dollars, it is a small price to pay for better sleep, less stress, and maybe more/better sex!

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6 Comments on “White Noise for Peace and Privacy

  1. White noise a fan blowing or a CD with out words being sung. Classical, elevator, or back up track, we even found some massage music that my wife really likes. As part of the “play” before hand I will call her and tell I am coming home put the massage music on. She will reply: Oh I know what you have in mind! Then she starts to prepare both mentally and physically, helps get her in the mood. I call rather than text because I want her to hear my voice and the lust / I want you in my voice. So the music helps before and during our sex.

  2. We do this. I grew up using white noise from my radio and eventually started using a fan. Now I can’t live without it and even take it with when we are traveling.

  3. I could be wrong, but white noise inside the bedroom only masks the sounds coming in from the outside.
    It does nothing to mask sounds generated inside the bedroom from being heard outside – such as a loud moan, a squeal/scream, or a hearty “Yeah, Baby!” If your fear is that those things will be heard, sound insulation is the only solution – albeit an expensive and not very practical one.

  4. This isn’t a problem for us at home, but it can be a problem when traveling. Hotel walls can be very thin. If the bed is very creaky and squeaky, or if it’s positioned so the headboard bangs against the wall, this is a turnoff for both of us. But maybe the room has a couch….

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