When All Else Fails… Pray!

Okay, I don’t really mean to only pray when everything else has failed, but I’ve been guilty of this approach, and I suspect I’m not alone. We should pray early and often!

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Yes, you can and should pray God will soften your wife’s heart and show her truth. Additionally, I would suggest all of the following if they apply:

  • Lord, is she wrong, or am I, or are we both wrong?
  • Show me anything I have done, or am doing now, that is contributing to this.
  • Is this the right time to address this issue?
  • Is this something you want me to live with for the time being?
  • If she refuses to change, what should I do?
  • What is the best approach?
  • Lord, help me to speak and act in love and to show grace.

Seeking change is a delicate thing, even when the other person is clearly wrong. Surrounding the attempt in prayer is a very good plan!

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2 Comments on “When All Else Fails… Pray!

  1. More of a rhetorical statement than anything…but it seems that generally wives are told “oh, you can’t change him, you can only change yourself”. Then men are told “you can change her, really you can! Beat her down if that’s what it takes. But by God she will submit!”
    I’ve only been reading a few marriage blogs for a few months, but that pretty much sums it up!

    • justmeinks I assume you have not read much of what I have to say, as I often tell men to focus on themselves. In fact, I get a lot of flack from men who think I am saying it is all the man’s fault, that I think women are better than men, and so on. http://bit.ly/16pcqmH by saying men need to deal with their stuff first. I have made mention of that in most of the posts in this series, and the first prayer I suggested in this post is checking to see if it is the man, not his wife, that is wrong.
      I agree we can only change ourself, but we can do things to increase the chances of our spouse making a change.

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