The Truth About Growth

This is my version of a graphic found in “Be the Church“, a free e-book by Kalinowski & McBee. Thanks to my pastor for putting me on to this.

Growth © Kalinowski & McBee

This is spot on! Be it spiritual growth, personal growth, or the growth of your marriage, it’s never rarely neat and clean. Growth is not a one-step after another forward kind of thing; rather it’s more of a four steps forward, one step back, two steps diagonally to the left, and a hop in a random direction kind of thing.

If you follow the red line on the right side of the graphic, you will see places where total direction is the wrong way for as many as three moves. You have to look at larger sections of time (four or more moves) to see overall movement in the desired direction. This is the way you change and grow, and it’s the way your spouse changes and grows. This is how your marriage changes and grows, and it is how your sex life changes and grows.

If you understand this truth about growth, you can avoid a great deal of frustration. Learn to track growth over weeks, not days, and don’t get too worked up by short-term moves in the wrong direction. 

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Image Credit: © Kalinowski & McBee

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2 Comments on “The Truth About Growth

  1. Yep, the right side basically looks like my life!  Something I learned a while back, that fits with this, is to look at how far I’ve come, not how far I have to go.  When we focus on all the changes yet to be made, how far from being like Christ I really am, the enemy can get us down and we miss out on how much we have been refined and how we have become like Christ.  We miss out that we are growing and moving forward, and we don’t realize that we are a different person (for the good) then we were.

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