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Last week I talked about knowing marriage books. This week, on-line resources.

Lori and I have been doing marriage ministry on-line since 1997, and we have heard from many who say their marriages have been improved, or even saved, by an e-letter, blog, or website. We’ve also had a great many people tell us The Marriage Bed message boards have been a huge blessing to their marriage. I say all this to show you on-line resources can have a powerful positive affect on marriages.

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Two of the great things about on-line resources is they’re (usually) free, and they’re anonymous. People who aren’t ready to admit they have a problem to a real person, or not willing to spend money, can still get some great advice and direction. “Lowering the bar” means people who would never seek help can get a start, and others who would wait till it is too late may get information in time to save their marriage. On-line resources are especially good for growing a marriage that’s not about to fall apart. Regular thoughts, nudges, and nags help us think often about our marriage and what we can do to make it better. What we think about tends to grow!

This doesn’t mean on-line resources are the end all of marriage help; they’re not. Sometimes a person or marriage needs more than just information. Dealing with the past is a huge part of healing our marriages, and most need interactive help doing that. Still, an on-line resource can be the catalyst for someone seeking the help they need.

Know them by their fruit

There has been an explosion in on-line marriage resources over the last few years. Anyone can post anything on-line, which is a mixed blessing. There are some fantastic resources out there done by folks with no training, and there are some downright scary things; from both those without training and those who have credentials. I’m all for training and credentials, but it guarantees neither  wisdom nor quality.

Get to know what on-line resources say. Do some digging; make sure you agree with what they’re teaching! Search for key issues like “porn” and “divorce” (it’s all too common for a site with some great advice to suggest a bit of porn use to “help” a couple’s sex life). Before you recommend a resource you want to make sure it’s not going to point a couple in the wrong direction! I doubt you’ll ever find a resource you agree with 100%, but there are things you can let pass and things you should not.

How to share

As with books, try to make a connection. Rather than just telling someone about a blog, email them a link or whole post you think will reach them. Say something about how it made you think, or how it changed the way you treat your spouse. Adding a link to an email rather than just sending the link is good. You can also bring a post or article up in conversation and say, “I’ll send you a link.” Linking to a specific post is usually better than the home page.

So many resources!

How do you find all these great resources? My Sunday round-up of marriage blogs (below) is a starting place. I am fairly picky, and I only link to what I like. There’s some great stuff out there that’s not my cup of tea. Here are a few other lists to get you started:

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Great tweet of the week:

It is too hard to change my wife into who I think she should be. I have decided it is much easier to love and accept her for who she is. @redeemmarriages

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2 Comments on “Helping Marriages – On-line Resources

  1. “Regular thoughts, nudges, and nags help us think often about our marriage and what we can do to make it better.  What we think about tends to grow!”
    Those lines really stood out to me, and I believe it is because it’s such a big part of my story. First, I came across your sites (blogs, TMB) a few years ago because I saw a secular article that talked about Christian sex blogs/sites.  Since then, I sporadically read, making me think of my marriage and stirring a desire within me for something different.  Second, a couple of years later, God used a blog to open my eyes to my sin, and there was an instant change. Finally, I now regularly read blogs and things on marriage and sex, and that keeps my mind focused on the changes I have made and it makes the “new way” easier and more natural for me.  My husband loves the change, and he says, “whatever your reading, keep reading because THIS is good!”

  2. janna94 When we surround ourself with a culture, we start to look like that culture. The initial changes are subtle, and they make future changes easier.
    Glad your marriage is growing!

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