Helping Marriages – Pray, Pray, Pray

So, you want to see marriages healed. Are you praying for that? Are you praying specifically for certain couples? Do you know what to pray for each couple?

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My bride has a great habit of asking, “How can we pray for you” when we’re with others. Sometimes that leads to prayer right then, sometimes not, but either way it gives us some great guidance in praying for those people.

I have no doubt prayer is a powerful tool in the fight for marriages. Aside from the obvious, praying for someone causes you to care for them more, and knowing you are praying for someone makes them feel like you care about them. Asking how to pray lets people know you are praying for them.

It is also a good idea to encourage husbands and wives to pray for each other. Not “God make him/her do what I want” prayers; prayers asking God to heal, bless, and guide. Additionally, encourage men and women to pray for themselves, to seek His guidance on being a better husband or wife, to see their own faults and selfishness, and love their spouse more deeply. Praying about your marriage can have powerful results!

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Image Credit: © Oscar Williams |

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Great tweet of the week:

When your marriage isn’t going good, punishing your spouse for it only makes things worst.@redeemmarriages

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2 Comments on “Helping Marriages – Pray, Pray, Pray

  1. Tennyson said, “More things are wrought by prayer Than this world dreams of.”  I don’t think I can improve upon that saying any!

  2. My wife would constantly say, “That’s a pride issue” to the point were we would make fun of her. But what I have realized is that behind every problem we struggle with, there is a spiritual solution that is required in order to see the physical change in our circumstance.  Therefore, prayer is not only an essential ingredient to see change, but it is the key ingredient because prayer changes things in the spiritual so they can be manifested in the physical.  Prayer not only changes things, it is the only thing that can cause change.

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