How I Spent My Summer Vacation

So Much Code!’

Lori and I have been doing The Marriage Bed website since 2000. We have had a number of different looks over the years, but we have never done a start from scratch remake – until this summer. Give it a look and let me know what you think!

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If you want a laugh, check out TMB Over The Years, which shows the previous six versions, and the 1999 predecessor site, Godly Intimacy in Marriage.

By the way, we have several hundred hours of work in this. If you want to donate a few dollars to say thank you we would greatly appreciate it.

What’s Next?

Sometime in the next few months I will start a new blog – for wives. This will be a joint venture with my wife, but I will do most of the writing. I am thinking three posts a week. I will mention this again when I have a start on the web site. We would really appreciate your prayers for this new chapter in marriage ministry.

Have a Minute for a Survey?

My survey this week asks men and women how often they climax, and if it is enough. 

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8 Comments on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  1. Your new site looks great!
    As a wife, you have me intrigued… what will be the central theme on your new blog for wives??

  2. Love the new look… when I first went to it, I had to do some checking to make sure I was in the right place!  Thanks for all you both do, and even still, you took time to reply to comments. Wow!
    I’m looking forward to the new blog also! … but do we still get to enjoy this one and comment!?! 
    Praying for wisdom, guidance, peace and blessings for you, Lori, your marriage, and your ministry.

  3. cej It will be called The XY Code and the premiss is helping women understand their husbands. With a better understanding a woman can better bless, better negotiate, and live with her guy. So it will be a lot of “this is how guys think/feel, and why” with some practical applications

  4. The new look is fantastic. Long overdue for a redo and a switch to WordPress myself. Some day there will be time for such a project.

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