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I often mention third party help, but I have never had a good place to send folks for that. I have made a couple of tries to compile a list, but that has not been successful. So, I was excited when we were contacted by Gospel Guidance.

Gospel Guidance has set up a way for Christian Counselors, Ministers, and Life Coaches to connect with people on-line. The system makes it easy and safe for both those looking for help and those offering help. A rating system and the ability to chat free before you sign up means you should be able to find the help you need with someone with whom you connect.    

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The obvious question would be “Is on-line help any good?” A growing number of studies say yes, it is as good, sometimes even better than face-to-face therapy. I have seen similar claims for on-line coaching, and while I have not seen a solid study, I assume on-line ministry would be the same. There are some significant advantages to doing these things on-line:

  • Generally less expensive (lower overhead).
  • No travel time or hassle.
  • Better anonymity, which can be important especially for issues of marriage, sex, and addiction.

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If you have experience with on-line help, good or bad, I’d love to hear from you. You can say something in the comments, or use the contact form (use a fake email if you want – for example). Part of why I ask is I am thinking about signing up as an advisor with Gospel Guidance and I would really like to get some input from those who have been on the receiving end of such help.

If you are looking for help check out Gospel Guidance – it may be a huge blessing!

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2 Comments on “Getting Help

  1. Paul,
    This type of “counseling” is much like any other type probably. “GIGO” right? “garbage in garbage out” or good in and good out?  There are some basic questions a person should ask any other person they seek advice from; minister, counselor, or friend: “How much can I trust this person?”  Do they seem to have my best interest at heart or just trying to solve my hang-up’s?”  Would I recommend this person to a friend who has personal issues?”  
    Just a few basic questions to get started. It does not matter what a person’s credentials are if you do not feel comfortable with them. A creep with a PHD is still creepy!  A friend in need with no paper hanging on the wall is still a friend in deed.  Remember that a friend is “someone who comes in when the rest of the world goes out.”
    Thank you for all you do to help people seeking a better marriage.
    ———   Jerry

  2. Romance Man All very true. I think innate “talent” is very important here. Training will make that better, but if someone does not have it to start with I don’t think training does a lot of good. A good training program will weed out those who lack the necessary empathy and other skills, but not all training does this.
    My thought about Gospel Guidance is the rating feature should help to sort out those who are great from those who are good and not so good. A few negatives are to be expected, but a lot of them is a big warning sign. Client based rating can be exceptionally useful.

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