Switching to Husband Mode

Do you do anything to switch into husband/father mode when you transition from work to home?

No work worries beyond this point. © Bill Longshaw | freedigitalphotos.net 

I bring this up because I have seen good examples of it twice in the last week:

In the comments for Treat her More Like a Client, cej said of her husband:

“Before he comes home, he parks his car by ‘his tree’ to spend a few minutes with God unloading his work day and praying. He often reads a few pages from a marriage-related book for encouragement. (I think he’s currently reading “Capture Her Heart” – I saw it lying on the front seat of his car the other day.) So grateful for him!”

In his What She Needs From Me, Thomas Bittner said:

“I find ways to cool off and wind down before I get home. I know many christians who think a man should be able to come home and relax. The stay-at-home mom should make sure the house is peaceful when her husband returns home from work. Yeah, right. The people who think this way probably never had to come home after work to whatever horrors happened during the course of a normal homeschool day. The fact is that I don’t have much down time when I get home, so I find ways to relax before I go home, whether it’s by shopping for groceries or walking around town.”

I recall reading about a man who had a tree outside his front door. Each evening before going into the house, he would make the motions of hanging things on the tree and imagine he was leaving his work problems there. In the morning, he would pick them up on the way out. (He noted there were often fewer things there in the morning than he had left the night before.)

When I worked landscape, I would sit in the truck for a few minutes when I pulled into the driveway so I could collect myself and put aside the stress and problems of the day. What do you do, or what could you start doing, to make the transition from work to home?

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Image Credit: © Bill Longshaw | freedigitalphotos.net

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2 Comments on “Switching to Husband Mode

  1. Years ago, I had an adult college student who was a prison guard at a maximum security state prison. In class discussions about the criminal justice system, he shared stories about what he had experienced and witnessed.
    In my office one day, he told me some of the more horrific things he hadn’t wanted to share with the other students. I asked him, “How do you leave that job every day and then go home to be the loving husband and father your wife says you are?” (She was also one of our students.)
    He said, “Well, it’s pretty simple. When I get in the car after work, I sit and read for half an hour every day.” I asked him what he read. He opened his backpack and pulled out his King James Bible.

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