Men and Women: Not the Same!

Recently my bride wrote on masculinity (Woodn’t You Agree?) and femininity (Feminine).

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In a world that denies most gender differences other than plumbing, a great many men don’t feel masculine, and a great many women don’t feel feminine.

What about you? How about your wife? Might be a good conversation to have!

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One Comment on “Men and Women: Not the Same!

  1. I can tell you that femininity is not what most people think.  I knew this man who was transitioning (badly) to a woman, and he thought that all he had to do to be feminine was wear lots of gaudy makeup (think drag), shave every hair off his body, and dress like a person going out to a gala, EVERY DAY.  I told him that that is not the definition of femininity.  I don’t shave, I normally dress in pants and a somewhat nice (but can get dirty) blouse, and only wear makeup once a week or so.  It’s how you act and feel, not how you look.  Sometimes dressing a certain way can make you feel more feminine, but I think this is conditioned, as cultures around the world certainly have different way of conveying femininity.

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