Women Share What Makes Sex Great for Them

Last week’s survey asked wives:

“Ladies, what does your husband do that makes sex really great for you? It could be something that gets you really turned on, or something that leads to a great climax, or whatever else makes sex great for you.”

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The full breakdown of the comments from the 77 ladies who replied can be found on the TMB survey page. Here I will share the story I think the replies tell.

The question was fairly open, but it did point to sex, not the relationship as a whole. Despite this, and not at all surprisingly, plenty of the women shared things from outside the bedroom. For most women sex requires a firm relationship foundation; fail at that, and women are uninterested in sex.

The most stated answer could be summed up as “Go slow”. She wants to be cuddled, and then kissed, before you grab her breasts. She wants to be warmed up before she is felt up! Kissing was mentioned often – eight times in general, and three more giving a specific place (neck or behind the ears).

As for actual sex, oral stimulation was the most mentioned act. Some only orgasm from oral, some get their best orgasms from oral, some think it’s the ultimate foreplay. I know some women aren’t comfortable receive oral, but for the rest it should be part of sex most or all of the time.

Making sure she climaxes first – and as often as she likes – got high marks. Other things mentioned a number of times were:

  • Showing a desire for her, as opposed to just wanting sex.
  • Talking during sex. This included feedback, loving words, or a narrative of what he is doing or is going to do.
  • Being sensitive to her moods/desires. Knowing when to be soft, knowing when to be passionate, knowing when to push and when to back off.
  • Telling her how much he likes and desires her body.
  • Being all about her pleasure – selfless.
  • Giving her multiple orgasms.

In short, get her mind and emotions on board, and her body will gladly join in.

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Image Credit: © Erik Reis | Dreamstime.com

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7 Comments on “Women Share What Makes Sex Great for Them

  1. Another way to re-express these women’s thoughts is “Non-Sexual” touching. For men this is almost an oxymoron.  For most men, touching conjures up the sexual thoughts. For women, it seems they need the hand holding or slight shoulder or foot massaging for no other reason than you want to be close to them. Guys have difficulty  separating any physical contact with out leading to thoughts of sexual activity. This is why relationship manuals stress to men the subject “non-sexual” touching.  
    Fellows, try this one. Some time when you are in a very public setting, yet set apart from other listening ears, ask your wife, “Honey, what is non-sexual touching to you?”   Then take lots of mental notes as to her eyes and her answers.  
    Jerry – The Best Is Yet To Be!!!!

  2. I only wish my wife was like this. Instead my wife is most men’s dream in that she needs no fore play and would rather rush through sex to get her orgasm, while all the time ignoring my needs. We’ve talked about this countless times with little to no change in her behavior. Many men I’ve talked to say I’m lucky and they wish their wives responded the way line does. I’m not feeling so lucky as I’ve come to desire an emotional connection with my wife and quality over quantity.

  3. Tell me about it. Unfortunately this is something that has been the norm for the 20 years we’ve been married. It’s only been recently that I decided that I wanted more than just the physical side of sex. I’m expecting it will take a while, but eventually these two old dogs will learn some new tricks.

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