On the other hand, she wants know about your job

In Switching to Husband Mode I talked about not bringing your work attitude home with you.

A friend gave me a different perspective:

“My wife really wants to be brought into my work life. She spends hours telling me of her job’s drama and consistently vents or asks for advice. I know the personality of all her coworkers, even the ones I’ve not met. But I find that when I get home (or stop working on days that I work from home) I don’t wanna talk about work, think about work, acknowledge the existence of work. She asks how my day was, what I did, etc – and I don’t wanna talk about it.”

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I suspect many women are this way to a degree. Because they care about their husband, they care about his work. Talking about work and the people at work helps her feel better connected to her man.

If she doesn’t care, and you have no desire to talk about it, fine. However, if she really wants to hear about your day, this is one of those places where you should do what she wants because you love her.

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Image Credit: © Ambro | freedigitalphotos.net

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3 Comments on “On the other hand, she wants know about your job

  1. This would be nice if your wife is mentally strong enough, but women like my wife would get disturbed when we discuss certain issues at your office. She would be very much worried about how would we deal with it or how would the issue turn on us etc. 
    I am not against sharing/discussing your work issues with your wife, but you should know what impact would it have on your wife.

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