We Will Survive!

It has been one of those weeks for us here – for both of us. Too much to do, too many things not working right. You know, life happening.

We’re both tired, physically and emotionally, but we’ve done very well with each other. I’ve tried to be aware of what Lori was dealing with even in the midst of my own problems, and I’ve seen her doing the same. It’s so nice to be able to do this, but it took years of work to get to where we are (and we have room to improve).

When life is throwing things at you, do you get so busy dodging you run over your wife without meaning to? Learn to keep her in mind, even when life is out to get you. 

I leave you with a funny video clip – after a decade it still makes us laugh!

For those of you reading by mail, check out the clip on YouTube.

2 Comments on “We Will Survive!

  1. Paul, You might like the new post on my site. It refers to this concept of serving each other rather than seeking to get our way.
     It is refreshing to see that you can reveal your tender areas in your marriage. It does take a while to get to this point. It is like a boat getting up to speed where it can “plane” and the ride is much smoother across the bumpy waves. Life always has its waves but we can ride them out when we do it God’s way!

  2. What you call “life” has been happening over here, as well.  So, thanks for the chuckle and the good words. Fortunately, my best friend is here with me, forever and she and I will not only survive, but thrive!

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