Making New Things Fit In

Today is the first post on our new blog for women – The XY Code.

I’ve wanted to do this for the better part of a year, but I didn’t want it to interfere with any of what I’m doing here or on The Marriage Bed. These concerns delayed my starting, and are a significant factor in my committing to only three posts a week. 

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This same sort of intentional balance should be a part of our marriages. We have only so much time and energy, and if we add something to our lives, we have to reduce or eliminate some other thing(s). Add things without thinking through what we will remove leads to problems – especially when we cut back on something our spouse wants or needs. This is one of the big reasons couples have less and less sex as time goes on. It’s also why they spend less time talking, less time cuddling, and so on.

Be intentional about your life. Don’t add without deciding what will be reduced.

By the Way: You are welcome to come over and check out The XY Code but be aware we will be greatly limiting comments from men. My expectation is the feedback from the ladies over there will help me do better posts here, just as what you gents say here will help me in talking to the women.

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