When I was a lad, the term “necking” was common. Necking was making out that didn’t go below the neck. Couples would engage in necking for long periods, often resulting in arousal leading to below the neck activities. 

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But why the word necking? A new study 1 suggests an answer to that. Oliver Turnbull, Ph.D. and three others did a study on erotic sensations for 41 body parts. Among other things, 800 men and women were asked to rate how erotically sensitive they found various parts of their bodies. Not surprisingly men and women both rated their genitals the highest (9.00 out of 10 for the penis and 9.17 for the clitoris). Women rated their mouth and lips at 7.91 followed by the nape of the neck at 7.51. The breasts and nipples each scoring 7.35, and the inner thighs rated 6.70.

So, the nape of the neck beat out breasts and nipples and fell just behind the mouth and lips. The ratings were rather consistent across age and race, so while there are some variations, nothing significant.

Next time you want to get her aroused, start with some “necking” and don’t be in a hurry to get to her breasts. You can get her going very well by focusing on her mouth, lips, and neck. In addition to the physical pleasure you can give her, she will feel less rushed and less like an object if you don’t grab her breasts after 30 seconds of kissing. By the time you move below her neck she should really want you touching her breasts or genitals. In fact, if you take enough time she might move your hands down there for you.

1 Reports of intimate touch: Erogenous zones and somato… [Cortex. 2013] – PubMed – NCBI Abstract

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Image Credit: © Pipko Alexandr |

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  1. Wow, did you ever bring back memories! OK so I was not always in the Lord as a young man.  your advice about staying above the collar bone is well advised.

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