Breast Augmentation?

A couple months ago I had someone ask me if I would do a post on plastic surgery – specifically breast augmentation. The lady in question has nursed several children and her breasts are smaller than before she had children. Since then I’ve had other emails on this from men trying to convince their wife they like her breasts as they are.

Breast size is a huge issue (sorry) these days, and those who follow Jesus are not immune.

Beach balls  © Salvatore Vuono

There are so many aspects to this, so I’m going to break it into at several posts. If this is an issue with your bride, maybe you’ll want to share these as a conversation starter.

First, I’d like to confront the idea all men want a woman with beach balls in their blouse. Yes, some men think the bigger the better, but other men think small is beautiful and anything more than a “B cup” is ugly. Back when porn was limited to magazines there were several such magazines devoted to women with small (A cup) breasts. It seems at least one of those was published into the 90’s.

I’m going to guess a guy who is into big breasts is not going to date, much less marry, a woman with small breasts – and vice-versa for men who want a woman with small breasts. That said, the reality is most men do not have a strong preference. As one guy put it, “The two things I require in breasts are 1) nipples, and 2) accessibility (this was a very promiscuous fellow).

But what do men prefer – even if just a bit? I did a survey on that a year ago:

Breast size survey results ©

As you can seem “medium” was the choice of almost half. Size A cup beat out “Much bigger than D”, and B cup beat out both bigger than D categories combined.

I did a very unscientific look at the first few on-line surveys I found on this issue (Google safe search!) and medium was the “winner” in every one of them. A couple of the surveys used the term “a handful” and that was very popular.

Wednesday: Liking Big Breasts Means What? 
Thursday: Is it Wrong to Augment?
Saturday: Women Who Have Augmented.

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12 Comments on “Breast Augmentation?

  1. My fiance lost her breasts to cancer. Doesn’t bother bother me. It seems to bother her . i try somewhat successfully to reassure her by embracing the ‘breasts’ that aren’t there. but I do understand that it does present some practical problems as far as clothes fitting right.She is planning to have reconstruction. whatever makes her feel comfortable, its her body i will have to be more creative when it comes to foreplay. lol

  2. You know what kind of breasts I like?  The ones on my wife, because they are hers.  I wonder if that average is because people tend to like the ones they are with.  I’m curious what the distribution is on breast size in the population, and if it would match.

  3. SexwithinMarriage stole my line!  So I agree with him. We have discussed this in our marriage seminars and it is curious about the responses we get back. Women often feel inadequate no matter their size. For the husbands, we have to be sensitive to our wives so they know we are not “breast centered” in either circumstance. 
    Men need to reassure our wive’s that we chose them because we like their body type.  We may have a different preference but as the post asserts, men tend to date the body type they prefer.  I know I did! 

    Thanks Paul for always delivering to your audience.

  4. SexWithinMarriage I would assume that, for decent guys. My goal in this post was to give women a larger context on the issue. A lot of women do not believe their husband when he says he likes her breasts – especially women on the less huge side.

  5. Given my own situation, I’m rather eager to read your series here. I’m now scurrying over to catch up on the last couple of posts!

  6. Given my own situation, I’m rather eager to read your series here. I’m now scurrying over to catch up on the last couple of posts!

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  8. I come to this post actually from the other side, looking for what to do as a wife who’s husband would like me to have augmentation. He loves me with all his heart and constantly directs his desires only for me. We have a great sex life and he sees this as something I can do (after I’m done bearing children), just like other things we do to make ourselves more appealing and loveable for the other (such as exercise, kindness, me keeping the house tidy, him playing games, etc…). I think this raises so many theological implications, but I honestly wonder if he is unique. I hear of so many husbands who think their wife is the hottest lady alive and mine just thinks they’re not being honest with themselves or anyone else, that deep down they’re all a little disappointed.

  9. Rrrachel  I’ve talked to men who think their wife would look better with bigger breasts. I’ve also talked to men who think she’d look better with smaller breasts! Or a different hair colour, or longer legs, or whatever. 
    Do we have preferences? Sure we do. My wife came equipped very much in line with my physical preferences (which had nothing to do with why I was attracted to her). I think my preference would have shifted to how she looked if she looked different, but I’ll never know.

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