Playing the Grace Card

Grace, by definition, is unearned and undeserved. God has shown us the way by giving us grace, which has worked out rather well for those of us who accept His grace.

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How about we look for ways to extend grace to our wives? Not when they are being nice, or things are going well, but when they are being less than nice (maybe even downright ugly) and when things are going less than well (maybe even horrible). Just whip out the grace card, apply, and move on.

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Image Credit: © Fotografescu |

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3 Comments on “Playing the Grace Card

  1. I saw a quote on a leading social media site the other day that said something to the effect of “the secret to a happy marriage is:  when you are wrong, apologize, and when you are right, keep quiet.”  I think that is a very accurate statement, and the sentiment behind it is grace.

    I am convinced it always boils down to grace.  Grace is the key ingredient of a happy marriage above all else.  In fact, I think it is necessary for a happy marriage–the way flour is a necessary ingredient for bread.

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