Unintended Consequences

  • You put in a dog door so the dog will stop making a mess on the carpet at night. This solves the dog problem, but a week later, you wake to a raccoon in the kitchen. 
  • You send your wife a very explicit text. Your five-year-old sees it and your wife gets to do some unscheduled sex education.
  • You go after a fly with such vengeance you break a window.

Raccoon Image Credit: © James Barker

Unintended consequences can be good or bad, but all too often, they’re negative. We see unintended consequences all around us – in business, in government, and in relationships – including our marriages. Sometimes the best of intentions results in something no one foresaw, and no one wants.

Thinking through things before you do them can help, and thinking through things with your wife is even better, but you will still have unintended consequences from time to time. The best thing you can do as a couple is to learn to laugh and not get upset at each other.

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Image Credit: © James Barker

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2 Comments on “Unintended Consequences

  1. After many years together, we have found the question, “What did you just say?” is more often used than we would have ever imagined during our first years of marriage. By now I know her heart and she knows mine. We know we really have the other persons best interest at heart, however, some times we say the silliest things when they are out of context. My wife will ask e a question in response to something I said and I know immediately she misunderstood me. Instead of getting out of sorts, we correct the other person, have a laugh and go on with life. Sometimes it make for amazing humor between us. The type of humor only a married couple can share in private!  
    Unintended consequences can take a good turn if you work at them or they can create severe tension.  Humor can go a long way to smoothing out the rough spots. Keep working to Crack The Elusive code between married partners!
    Thanks Paul for your reminders that life is way too short to take yourself ultra seriously!

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