Thankfulness Guessing Game

I got the following from my friend Roger Thoman – it’s a great Thanksgiving game/ice-breaker.

Note on Thanksgiving Paper Bags: So here is how we did this. Everyone brought a paper bag with three objects in it representing three things that they are thankful for. Important rule: You cannot include God or your family as things to be thankful for. This is not to negate that we are all thankful for God and our family, but—that’s just the point—we are ALL thankful for God and our family so that would take up two or three objects already. So, move past those and come up with three other things to be thankful for, then put objects in your bag that represent those three things. When we gathered, one person chose a bag (not their own) to open. The idea, then, is to try to guess whose bag it is based on what’s in the bag. The person who opens the bag tries to guess the owner of the bag. If he is not successful, others in the room can chime in until the owner is identified. Then the owner of that bag explains his/her three objects, what they represent and why they are thankful for that. Finally, that person picks up the next bag and the process continues. Very fun and very meaningful. We have used this with family on Thanksgiving Day as well.

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One Comment on “Thankfulness Guessing Game

  1. Great idea but I’ll have to wait until our sons get married.  If I suggested this to them they would blow it off.  Wives would make sure it got done.  I think if we actually played this game, though, I think that they would really enjoy the conversations it would spark.

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