Help Her Understand Normal Female Sexuality

A reader going by amyhannaford65 had a great comment on yesterday’s post. After affirming sometimes sex seems like a lot of effort with no return, she said, “I will say that my husband is a selfless lover and always, always wants to see me experience pleasure during sex. It’s mostly just me that lets the frustration of having a harder time climaxing influence how I see the sexual encounter.”

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I bring this up because I want to make it clear I’m not attacking men here. I’m not saying wives fail to enjoy sex because men are selfish lovers. For most women, the biggest issues are not the struggles she has with her body; the struggles of her mind are what makes sex difficult to impossible. She sees how easy sex is for her husband, and she thinks it should be just as easy for her. Porn, romance novels, movies, and television all tell her it should be easy for her, so clearly something is wrong with her. When it comes to sex, she’s broken. She’s not at all sure she can be “fixed” and she doesn’t feel it’s fair for her husband to have to put up with her being broken. Even when he’s very interested in making sex good for her, she doesn’t feel she has the right to expect him to put “so much” time and energy into her pleasure.

The first thing you can do is help her understand she’s not broken. Rather, she has been lied to about female sexuality. Here are some truths: 

  • She is female, and women’s sexuality is very different from men’s sexuality.
  • Women in porn etc. fake orgasm, arousal, interest, and comfort. What’s shown in media usually has nothing to do with reality.
  • It is normal for a woman to feel no desire when sex starts. Some women rarely or never feel arousal until they have been stimulated.
  • It is normal for a woman to need 20 or more minutes of foreplay.
  • It is normal for a woman to need stimulation for 20 minutes (or more) to reach orgasm.
  • It is normal to get distracted and lose arousal.
  • It is normal to get very close to orgasm then lose it.
  • It is normal to need desperately to have an orgasm and struggle to get there.
  • It is normal to find it difficult or impossible to orgasm during intercourse.

Of course, all of these things vary from woman to woman and from time to time for each woman. One of the other norms for female sexuality is extreme variety.

The other thing your wife needs to understand is how important it is to you that she enjoy sex. Not so she will have more of it, but because you want her to enjoy it as much as you enjoy it. Help her know her pleasure is important to you. Explain sex is best for you when she enjoys it, and the more she enjoys it, the better it is for you. I know this is true for the majority of husbands because I’ve talked to many men about this. For the vast majority of men, sex is a couple activity, and if it’s “just for him” very often it’s not good for him.

Tomorrow I will suggest some specifics on ways to help your wife enjoy sex more.

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7 Comments on “Help Her Understand Normal Female Sexuality

  1. This is a very helpful reminder.  Even for women who know these things, it’s easy to forget  or fall back into thinking there is something “wrong” with our sexuality.

  2. This is a very helpful reminder.  Even for women who know these things, it’s easy to forget  or fall back into thinking there is something “wrong” with our sexuality.

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