Giving as a Couple

Do you and your wife give together? Not just money, do you volunteer together?

Food for typhoon victims © Molong Nacua

For example, I know a couple who take a week off work each year to go to a Samaritan’s Purse warehouse to check, pack, and crate up “Operation Christmas Child” boxes. I know couples who work side by side feeding the homeless. Others I know work together at a centre providing meals and activities for kids who would otherwise be getting in trouble between the end of school and when their parents get home. A lady I know volunteers teaching illiterate adults how to read. Others are volunteer chaplains for various organisations.

There are a great many opportunities; do something for your marriage by working together to do something for others.

Help Typhoon Victims:

Speaking of helping, I have a great way you can help typhoon victims. I have a long-time friend who lives on Cebu Island in the Philippines. The northern part of the island took a direct hit, but Molong lives far enough south that he did not take heavy damage. He is now working with the members of his simple church community to help those who are in desperate need.

House2House, aka the day job, is collecting money to send to Molong to be used first to provide food, and later to rebuild. I mentioned Molong a few years ago on TGH, saying

“M” lives in the Philippines with his bride and daughter. M helps care for a number of widows in the shanty town he used to live in – out of his own money. He could have a nicer house and enjoy better clothes, food, and so on if he did not feel a biblical burden to minister to these women, and to many others in need around him.

This guy is the real deal, and I know he will make great use of any money sent his way. Please read more, and make a donation. – Long since compleated. A good deal of money was raised, and a number of homes were built. THANKS! 

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Image Credit: © Molong Nacua

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