Shooting the Gender Difference Messenger

There’s been a lot of press the last few days about a study that said male and female brains are “wired” differently. (See Brain connectivity study reveals striking differences between men and women for example.) To grossly over-simply, the study found male brains have more “front to back” than “side to side” connections while women have more “side to side” connections.

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What I find even more interesting than the study are all the folks trying to explain away or downplay this gender-based difference. For instance, on her blog, Cordelia Fine said:

One important possibility the authors don’t consider is that their results have more to do with brain size than brain sex. Male brains are, on average, larger than females and a large brain is not simply a smaller brain scaled up. ..there may physical reasons for different arrangements in differently sized brains. The results may reflect the different wiring solutions of larger versus smaller brains, rather than sex differences per se.

She is right men “on average” have larger brains. However, previous research has shown if a man and woman are the same sizes, the man’s brain is still likely larger*. Gender causes male brains to be larger, so the findings of this new study are about gender even if brain size is a factor.

Another critic said, “Brain connections change throughout life.” Again, the statement is true, but how does it bring the findings into question? The study does show changes in connects as children grow. There are few gender-based differences prior to puberty, then the sexes diverge greatly. The oldest study participants were 22, so we can’t say for certain these differences continue for the rest of life, but there’s no good reason to think there would be significant changes prior to menopause.

I suspect the reason some are upset is the researchers said, “Overall, the results suggest that male brains are structured to facilitate connectivity between perception and coordinated action, whereas female brains are designed to facilitate communication between analytical and intuitive processing modes.” There are those who desperately want men and women to be the same other than for a few minor differences related to reproduction. Any study showing otherwise must be attacked! Mz. Fine complained the researchers were “reinforcing and legitimating gender stereotypes in ways that are not scientifically justified.” However, the study was a subset of a larger study that tested subjects to see how they did on various tasks. While males did better on spatial processing and sensorimotor speed, females did better than on tests of attention, word and face memory, and social cognition. The gender differences found in “wiring” fit nicely with differences seen in the aptitude tests. I would hardly call that scientifically unjustified gender stereotypes!

Bottom Line: Much of the media, and even some scientists, want to ignore or discredit real differences in men and women. The truth is God made us male and female, and while we are co-heirs in Jesus, we are not the same!

* Larger does not mean better or smarter. Also, it’s not as simple as “bigger” – men and women have different ratios of gray and white brain matter and different amounts of each in many areas of the brain. There are many differences in male and female brains.

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8 Comments on “Shooting the Gender Difference Messenger

  1. You hit the nail on the head. Certain people simply can’t accept that we are designed, and that we (men and women) are designed differently – deliberately (and delightfully) so! 
    I should be surprised, but then I know there are people who will always defend cherished lies.

  2. It is great to see that “science” backs up what we have told our married couples for years. Guys and gas are wired differently!
    We based our ideas on an older source – the Bible – God!

  3. I’m a female with a “male” wired brain. Learned this from a small brain study similar to this one. The thing I hate most about these studies is that they generalize and leave people like me an out.

  4. rainbowslinky I do feel understand. Lori’s brain is more “male” than most women, and I am more “female” than many men.

    As unfair as it is, we live our lives based on generalisations, and would be in big trouble if we did not. The key is learning to start there and then make changes as needed when we get more information.

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