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Traditions are powerful things. Repeated, shared acts bind people together, strengthening the bonds of love. Traditions create a deep well of memories that help us deal with bad times by reminding us of the good. If you grew up in church you know how the sound of traditional Christmas hymns makes you feel; the effect is dramatic and full of nostalgia.

The Old Testament if full of feast days and days of remembrance; a calendar of traditions that helped the Jews through centuries of wars, captivity, and the Holocaust. God created in us a need for traditions, and we should make good use of this tool.

Miniature Christmas Tree © Paul H. Byerly

What traditions do you and your spouse have? What about your family as a whole? I suppose it’s possible to have too many traditions, but I doubt it is a common problem!

Here are a few of our Christmas traditions, to get you started thinking about traditions you could start:

  • A large, eclectic mix of Christmas musicChristmas Peppers © Paul H. Byerly
  • Candlelight service Christmas Eve
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup for Christmas Eve dinner
  • Eggnog while we open gifts
  • Light up Christmas Peppers – which have hung by the door at each of our last several homes
  • A movie the afternoon of Christmas Eve
  • The miniature tree Lori and I made our first Christmas (she did the hard work, I just did the lights)
  • Laying in bed Christmas night discussing our blessings.

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Image Credits: © Paul H. Byerly

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