Why Do You Want to be a Better Husband?

Eleven months ago, I wrote two posts about the importance of why we do what we do.

I want to revisit this as I challenge you to devote an entire year to having a better marriageWhy you work for a better marriage will be the biggest reason you succeed or fail. It’s more important than how well you do, and more important than how your wife reacts. Why is make or break!

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Yes, a better marriage will be a good thing for you. Studies find a good marriage results in a long life for a man, and a better marriage will mean more sex. However, if being happier, living longer, or getting more sex are your primary “why”, I’d suggest you not bother. All those nice things are great results of building a better marriage, but they’re poor reasons to do the work because when you don’t see results “fast enough” you will falter.

Your why is what keeps you going. So, do it because it is right. Do it because you love your wife and you want her to have a better life. Do it because you care about the people around you, and you understand better marriages are infectious. Do it for your kids, because they’ll be happier and will have better marriages when they grow up.

I will be discussing this a couple more times before the first of the year. Decide if you’re in; decide if you’re willing to work all of 2014 at making yourself and your marriage better.

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4 Comments on “Why Do You Want to be a Better Husband?

  1. This is an amazing post to me. Why? Because “Why?” I’ve discovered, is likely the most challenging question a human heart can ever be asked to answer. Each of what I would call a ‘defining moment’ in my life began by my heart being asked, “Why?” “Why did you do this?” “Why did you want to believe that?” “Why didn’t you do what you knew you should have done?” “Why did you ignore that?” And then, facing the answer squarely with courage, enough courage to exchange the justifying thoughts in my heart for truth, a real difference began to be made in my life and I began to understand what is called, ‘Righteousness’. The heart is everything to Jehovah; for every thing that we do and say comes from it; every motivation to act or not to act comes from it, as well as every desire to believe or not believe a truth when it is made known. A marriage will definitely benefit from asking your heart this question, but the best place to begin is by learning how to answer the Spirit of Jesus in you asking, “Why?” and make your own heart into a kind, thoughtful and forgiving one; a winsome heart that is pleasing to your God. For a heart like that can be made to rise, in righteousness and understanding, to every challenge your wife can bring to your love for her.

  2. Why – to become more Christlike.  It is difficult at times, but submitting myself to become a new creation in Christ is where I want to be.  Thanks for the encouragement!

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