Have Yourself a Sexy Little Christmas?

Most of us would like sex on Christmas (and Christmas Eve, and the day before that, and…). Most of us would like to give our wife sexy lingerie and many of us want to give her a sex toy or ten. In short, we want to have a sexy little Christmas!

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Then there’s that annoying thing called reality. Sigh.

One Word: Moderation

You have a much better chance of success if you don’t go all out. The key is to push the envelope just a bit.


The news is not all bad on this one. My current poll asks wives how they feel about getting lingerie for Christmas. A quarter of women said, “Yes! The more the better” while 45% said some is nice. Two in ten said, “I wish he would, but he does not.” Of course, the women answering this poll are more sex-positive than the general population, so your results may vary. The poll also found 60% of women have never received lingerie for Christmas. Maybe that’s because many men are embarrassed to buy sex undies. You might want to check out my Buying Lingerie Without Dying of Embarrassment article. You will note I urge moderation in that article.


Again, don’t go too far. If you don’t already own sex toys, starting with something like a sex swing or a $200 vibrator isn’t a wise plan. If you’re introducing sex toys for the first time, please read my Best Sex Toy article. If you want to buy on-line, check the Shopping Links for some safe places to shop (and check their shipping to make sure it will get to you in time).

Actually Doing It

Have I mentioned moderation? Sex by the Christmas tree sounds great, but it may be a bit much for her – especially if there is anyone over the age of 18 months in the house. Instead, try some fully clothed making out on the couch by the light of the tree, then adjourn to the bedroom when things start to get hot. If Christmas usually means The Twelve Days of Sexlessness in your house, expecting plenty of sex is a sure way to be disappointed. Instead, talk to her a few days before the 25th. Tell her you know how busy, tired, and stressed she is, and ask how she would feel about a quickie Christmas Eve – or giving you a hand Christmas night.

Bottom Line

Rather than a sexy little Christmas, shoot for a little Christmas sex. You have a better chance of success, and you’re far less likely to frustrate or offend your wife.

Speaking of On-line Shopping: There is still time with most major retailers to buy on-line and get things delivered before Christmas. If you are going to shop on-line, would you please start from my Shop to Give page? One extra step for you and a few percentage points of what you spend for me. It is the easy and cost-free to support what I do here. THANKS!

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