Another Kind of Intimacy

If you and your wife are both Christians, the odds are very good she would like you to pray with her more. For her, it’s a form of intimacy, and like any intimacy it makes her feel more connected to you.

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Does praying together make you feel uncomfortable? I get it (see I Love God, I’m Just Private About it), but “I’m not comfortable” is a poor reason to avoid intimacy. Start small, but do start. 

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Be Careful of Double Standards – Don’t allow yourself to have them and then get mad at your spouse for having them! @Rock_His_World

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  1. This !  I firmly believe praying together is so important in a marriage. Just as important if not more important than having sex together.   Its not just intimacy for her, its intimacy with God for both spouses. Surprised you do not have more comments.

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