Who do you want to be?

I have said in the past I think we can change almost anything about ourselves, including our personality.

Now I can point to a research paper which says yes, personality does change. The authors said, “We demonstrated… personality does change and that the extent to which personality changes is comparable to other characteristics, such as income, unemployment and marital status”.

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While this study didn’t look at why personality changes, or show we have power over those changes, it seems likely we have some choice in the matter. The study did give a very good reason for trying to work out our personalities, saying, “our findings raise the provocative possibility that personality could be viewed as a quality of life variable”.

Something to think about.

A couple of related links:

The Big Five Personality Test – Learn a bit about yourself. What in the findings would you like to change? (I was very unhappy with how low I was on “Agreeableness”. I’ve been working to change that.)

Personality Plus for Couples: Understanding Yourself and the One You Love by Florence Littauer is a great book on personality types. It will help you identify your type and your spouse’s type, and gives suggestions for dealing with marital “personality clashes.”

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