Pray for Her Daily

This is one of my most requested posts, and I see I’ve not shared it in a very long time.

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Looking for a good way to pray for your wife? Try praying based on the first letter of the day of the week:

Sunday pray for her Spiritual walk
Monday pray for her Moods and Mental health
Tuesday pray for her Thought life
Wednesday pray for her Weaknesses to be healed
Thursday pray for her Time usage
Friday pray for her Friendships
Saturday pray for her Sexuality

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Image Credit: © Loganban |

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Great tweet of the week:

Flirting says that you are interested and available. Don’t send that message to others if you are married. @ForBetterOrWhat

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  1. Thanks.  I like the reminders.  I agree it is totally necessary to pray for your wife daily in addition to yourself and family.

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