Down to the Wire Gifts

Still need a gift, or two, or more? Time is not on your side! A few ideas you can still pull off – without fighting the last minute madness at the mall.

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  • Coupons: We have two Christmas Coupons on the TMB site. These are available as doc files or PDF files. You can enter text into the doc files before you print, or you can print out the PDF’s and then write in what you want to give. This is a great way to give acts of service, quality time, and touch. Get creative with something like “When I want sex, this coupon entitles you to a backrub instead,” or “You choose the movie or restaurant, I choose the other.”
  • Amazon Gift Cards: You can send these by email or print them yourself. Given that Amazon has almost everything under the sun, this is a fairly open-ended gift – but not really a good choice for most wives. (If you must, try mixing it in with some coupons)
  • Kindle books: I just learned from my bride you can give a Kindle book via email – or with a print-out card. Find the book on Amazon (make sure you have the Kindle page) and click the “give as a gift” button on the right. Follow the directions depending on how you want to give.

A huge thanks to all who helped us blow past the half-way point for our year-end donation goal!!

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