Right, Wrong, and Different

The past couple of days, with my wife having to do a number of things for me, we have bumped into differences in how we do things. It’s so easy to feel one acceptable way is “right’ while a different acceptable way is “wrong”. Several times, I caught myself and said nothing. Several times, I didn’t catch myself and she did it my way without making a big deal about it. Once I saw the “you’ve got to be kidding” look for half a second.

Right shoe first! © Suat Eman | freedigitalphotos.net

For many things right and wrong are not valid concepts. Neither are better and worse, effective and infective, or any of the other ways we try to make our preference somehow better and more holy than our spouse’s preference. What if her way is only 89% as effective as my way? If her way works better for her, then for her it is a better way.

Do you correct how she does things when it really isn’t a big deal? You may mean to help, but I bet it doesn’t feel like help.

Still, the only correct way to put on your shoes is to do the right one first!

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Image Credit: © Suat Eman | freedigitalphotos.net

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5 Comments on “Right, Wrong, and Different

  1. For many things right and wrong are not valid concepts. Neither is better and worse, effective and infective…
    Well said! I’ve found that with this truth that you so succintly expressed, I can go very far in my relationships and even further in my faith.
    (Well for at least as long as the toilet paper unrolls from the back!)

  2. Paul, I sure appreciate your expression of personal fallibility in the past couple of posts. When you’re sharing your own struggles and deficiencies, I’ve found that I connect with it better and quickly realize that I have problems in those same areas. Thank you, brother.

    The BEST way to put on your shoes is to have your children (or grandchildren) put BOTH of them on at the SAME time. Although I must confess to enjoying Goose’s logic, too.

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