Are You Praying for Your Pastor’s Sex Life?

Do you pray for your pastor? Do you pray for your pastor’s marriage? Do you pray for your pastor’s sex life?! 

Do What?! © Scott Griessel |

Does that question make you uncomfortable? I get it, but your pastor needs your prayers, and given the frequency of marital and sexual problems among pastors, these seem like important areas for your prayer.

Pray for them to have healthy boundaries. Pray for them to make necessary time for their family and their spouse. Pray protection over them; the number of Christian leader sex scandals makes it clear the enemy makes good use of this weapon. If you get really brave, pray they will have the incredible sex life God wants them to have.

Now that you have the idea, pray in similar fashion for other couples you care about. You don’t have to know anything about their sex life to pray for them. No matter how good or bad things are it can be better, and God wants them to have an awesome sex life.

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Image Credit: © Scott Griessel |

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