Remember When…

As I write this, my son and his fiancée (for 12 more days!) are sitting at our kitchen table playing Scrabble – and holding hands. He’s left-handed, so they can both function well when her left hand is in his right. They eat meals this way too – holding hands almost the entire time.

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Yes, it’s cute. It also says something about how much they want to be together. Do you remember when you and your wife felt that way about each other?

It’s normal for things to calm down a bit over time, but it’s also easy to get complacent. Think about how it was when you were engaged; how easy it was to be together and do everything together. Maybe you can put a bit of that back into your marriage. At the very least, you can hold hands a bit more often. 

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Image Credit: © Ximagination |

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4 Comments on “Remember When…

  1. As a newly wed of almost 5 months now, my wife and I have made sure that we are very intentional about not getting complacent and not spending time with each other and just getting into a routine. I hate it when people tell me just wait in a few years, your not going to wait until your wife gets home to eat dinner with her, or your not going to want to spend a bunch of time with her.
    I know a lot of couples who have been married 10, 15, 20+ years and they still act like newly weds.
    That’s why I love your blog and I am very blessed to have stumbled across it. Thanks for help men and work on their marriages.

  2. I have been married for almost 11 years.People mistake us for being newlyweds often because we are hardly ever found when we are not touching in some way.In restaurants, we will intertwine our feet.At the dinner table, we will reach over and hold hands.When walking, we hold hands or I hold her waist.Even when we have fought and go to bed frustrated with one another (last night), we at least have our feet touching while we sleep, and so this post made me smile.
    I believe that non sexual touching ranks right up there near the top of tangible that prove our love for our wives.My wife would wither if I did not touch her.I am not sure how the vast majority of women feel about being touched.I only know that my wife grows when I touch her.

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