Marriage Upgrade Check Point

It’s been three weeks since the Marriage Upgrade Challenge started – how is it going? Have you been able to focus on making changes? Where have you done well, where have you blown it?

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If you are filling out the upgrade checkpoint surveys, (271 took the first one!) it’s time to do the second one [no longer available two years later!]. One goal of the checkpoints it to get you to think about how things are going. If you want to compare your answers from one time to the next you can print out or copy and paste the survey before you send it. If you answer the first “question”, it will be used to link your surveys. Enter the same random code or unique phrase for each survey. (This is the only way for me to link answers.)

A bit of clarification on the ratings for the questions – a high number means it’s going well, a low number means it is not going well. So, for example on “Arguments/fights” you would give a 6 if you have had no fights, and zero if you fought like cats and dogs. For “How I handled my anger/frustration” a 6 means you handled it very well, a zero means you messed up very often. Sorry for not being clear on that before!

The averages for the first survey, from high (doing well) to low (problem area):

4.9 My love for my wife
4.6 How hopeful I am that my marriage is going to get better
4.1 My attitude about my marriage
4.0 My treatment of my wife
3.8 My marriage overall
3.6 My wife’s treatment of me
3.3 How loved/respected I feel by my wife
3.3 Arguments/fights
3.2 How often I’ve been mad/frustrated with my wife
3.1 How I handled my anger/frustration
2.4 Sexual satisfaction
2.1 Sexual frequency

Feel free to add public thoughts in the comments.

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