True or False vs Multiple Choice

What would happen if you treated a multiple-choice test as if it were true or false? You would look at choices “A” and “B” and decide which the answer was. You could get the right answer for questions where the correct answer was “A” or “B”, but if the correct answer were “C”, “D”, or “E” you’d have no chance of getting the right answer.

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I’ve seen people do the same thing in their marriage, seeing only two options when there were actually half a dozen possibilities. If neither of the two they see is a good choice, they’re doomed to make a bad choice.

Some things are one or the other, just two options, but often there are more options – a third alternative, or a fourth, or even a fifth. Learn to look for more options so you can make better choices.


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Image Credit: © Fuzzbones |

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