Two Became One

Today my son got married!

The bride is a wonderful lady, and both her family and our family think they’re very well suited for each other.

John and Forest © Paul H. Byerly

Thursday night I participated in the “bachelor party”; both the bride’s father and I were invited, and they really wanted us there. We started with a couple of rounds of laser tag, with both the men and the women. Then the men and women went to separate restaurants. No stripper or anything of the like, just a group of Christians celebrating two about to become one.

The ceremony was small, the desire of both the bride and the groom to keep cost down (neither has any debt!). A larger reception is scheduled later. The wedding was officiated by both “his” pastor and “her” pastor and included all four parents speaking blessings over the couple. After a nice meal for all the guests, the couple took off for a five-day honeymoon.

It’s such a blessing our son has found a good Christian gal who shares his beliefs and values. It’s also a blessing that we get along so well with her folks; we would be friends even if our kids weren’t married. This new couple has a great start on their life together.

Sadly, many of us don’t get such a good start. If you did, count your blessings. If you didn’t, think about what was lacking, and how it may have hurt or limited your marriage. God can take you beyond a less than great start, but it’s much more likely to happen if you’re honest with yourself about what could’ve been better.

Prayers for John and Forest hereby requested!

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Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

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Pause & make it a point to celebrate the small and big things in your marriage. Rest a while in the joy. @PressurePts

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2 Comments on “Two Became One

  1. A great big ‘ol Texas “Whooo and Hooo!” From ya’ll’s former state! Being good, brings good: That’s all I gotta say abuot that! By the way, I just love her name. And a pretty thing she is too! Blessingsand prayers are theirs! Celebrate baby, Celebrate!

  2. Congrats Paul & Lori!  It is wonderful to see your children grow up and accept adulthood. It is a great blessing for you and his “in”laws” that you four have a good relationship. 

    It will be interesting if / when they have children, who holds him / her first!? 

    Great blessings all around!

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