Are You Settling for Mediocrity?

Is there mediocrity in your life? What about your marriage, are you settling for mediocrity there? If not, you’re a rare man.

I’m not talking about what others do. Being surrounded by mediocrity does increase the temptation to accept mediocrity in our lives, but we have a choice. We choose to accept mediocrity or we choose to fight it. When mediocrity is the standard only those who choose to be different will escape. If we don’t fight it we allow it to creep into our lives, heart, families, jobs, and marriages.

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Mediocrity doesn’t stay in one area of our lives; like cancer, it will spread to other areas if left unchecked. If you let it slip in at your job because no one else cares and you’re underpaid, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to crop up in other areas of your life.

Mediocrity is accepting doing less than your best. It’s deciding something is “good enough” and not making an effort to improve. Mediocrity can also be putting too much time and energy into things that don’t benefit you or others. Entertainment is one thing, endless hours of television is another. Playing a game with the family is one thing, hours of FarmVille or Candy Crush is another. Getting good exercise is one thing, spending hours a day sculpting your body is another. Enjoying a good meal is one thing, becoming overweight is another.

Choosing something with a bit of value while ignoring things with far greater value is another form of mediocrity. This is a tricky one – we can justify what we’re doing because it does benefit us and/or others. Perhaps we should be doing it some, but perhaps we should do it less so we can put more time into even more beneficial things.

mini-upgradeDealing with mediocrity is a big part of the 2014 Marriage Upgrade. Refuse to accept “okay” and become an awesome husband. Don’t do it based on what she’s doing, or what she might do in response; do it because it is the right thing to do. Do it because you refuse to accept mediocrity in your marriage or any other part of your life!

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” [Col 3:23 ESV]

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8 Comments on “Are You Settling for Mediocrity?

  1. Marriage is a battlefield where we are under attack from the enemy. As He is the father of lies and deception, mediocrity is a long-term strategy that, as you say, will generally go unnoticed unless we are on alert. As a husband I have a responsibility to stand in the gap in the full armor of God and fight for my family and its future. As men, we are to fight with all that we have that God can use so that we prevail on the day because we are vigilant and equipped. God is looking for a few good men to turn things around. Mediocrity is doomed when it is exposed to God’s purposes.

  2. I find this is a hard battle to balance avoiding mediocrity and not fall prey to perfectionism.

  3. Matt I used to be a perfectionist. It’s just as crippling. I now live and coach by something I learned a few years back. “Don’t let perfect get int he way of excellent.” It helps to keep that in mind.

  4. MattShort  I feel you! I used to be too much of a perfectionist in some areas, and it made a mess of my life and especially of my first entrepreneurial effort.

    Either extreme is a problem!

  5. TheGenerousHusband You’re welcome. Feel free. One of my own creations. It makes a whole lot of sense to me.

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