Are You Too Busy to be Nice?

Today’s TMB Marriage Tweet (@themarriagebed) was:

Ever notice kindness & busyness tend to be mutually exclusive? Are you too busy to be kind?

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It’s easy to be kind when you have plenty of time. Being kind takes intentionality when you’re busy. If you’re noticeably less kind to your wife when you’re busy, you’re communicating to her she’s not really important to you. If that’s not the message you want to send, you’ll need to be intentional about being kind when you’re busy.


This week’s survey, Married Masturbation, is an updated rerun of a popular 2012 survey. Do you? How often? Why?

Last week’s survey, for which we would like more data, was Sex: How often? The anonymous survey asked how often you have sex, and how often you would like to have sex.

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Image Credit: © David Castillo Dominici |

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3 Comments on “Are You Too Busy to be Nice?

  1. Kindness and courtesy go hand in hand. Sadly, with the pace of life kindness is seemingly less common as is common courtesy (which I now call uncommon courtesy). I’m doing my best to ensure daily that my kids see Mummy and Daddy being kind to each other and others. Kids are fast learners. We have to be the example we want our kids to become (and then some).

  2. UBAwesome  Our kids can be frightening mirrors! More than one I saw something in one of them I did not like, then I realised they learned it by watching me!

    BTW, your post is excellent – I should have linked to it.

  3. TheGenerousHusband Thank you Paul for your comment and endorsement. I was my daughter how to tie her shoe laces the other day. She got frustrated quickly and gave up (my son does the same). I was calm as I was teaching them (I really have to work at it). I asked me wife who was in the room what was I missing. She was very gentle in her feedback. As you said, we are mirrors. Interestingly, I’ve started to pray that my kids only pick up the good stuff I am and do and that they are protected from picking up my flaws and rather pick up more of the good stuff from their mum. I am more avidily praying God’s promises over and into my kids’ lives.

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