What Women Want (Part 3)

What do women want?  

  1. To be heard
  2. To be understood
  3. To be accepted
  4. To be respected 

Being Accepted:

Feeling Accepted © Wavebreakmedia Ltd | Dreamstime.com

Ever been someplace where you felt tolerated, or allowed, but not accepted? Too many women (and men) feel that way in their marriage.

Real acceptance requires knowing you’re understood. Acceptance without being known is better than nothing, but it’s not acceptance of who you are. The acceptance we all long for says, “I know all your faults and sins, and I still love and accept you.” Acceptance requires grace – more for some people than others.

Please don’t miss how important being known/understood is to feeling honestly accepted. There’s no short cut; you must hear, and then understand, before you can offer the kind of acceptance she needs.

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Image Credit: © Wavebreakmedia Ltd | Dreamstime.com

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