Marriage Destroyer: Money Issues

Dave Ramsey says, “money and money fights are a major cause of divorce, not to mention the thing we fight about the most.” Dave is correct; money is a huge source of marital disharmony.

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Men and women tend to think and feel differently about money. There are exceptions, but men are usually more willing to take financial risks, and more willing to spend money on having fun. Women want to buy safety and security, especially for their children. Both men and women can be impulse shoppers. Women are generally better at searching out a bargain while men are more about negotiating a deal. Both genders can be savers or spenders and both genders have their share of hoarders and those who self-medicate with “retail therapy”.

Differences in feelings about spending and saving cause marriage friction. When money is tight, fights occur even if the couple agree on spending. Cheating in the form of spending without telling one’s spouse results in feelings of betrayal and fears about what else they might be hiding.

Getting your finances in order will mean more peace in your marriage and a reduced risk of divorce. Does that motivate you to do something? Dave’s book is a good start, but taking a Financial Peace University class is far better. Doing this with a group makes it easier for you as a couple, and it helps you really do it.

Since taking an FPU class two years ago, we have reduced our debt by over $20,000 – and this with a reduction in income. This is one of those places where I can honestly say, “If I can do it, anyone can!”

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Image Credit: © Stuart Miles |

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